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Gallery Updates 2014-03-07

tags: room 801, sketches, colours, yaoi, yuri, design, conventions

Yikes, in all the rush to Room 801 (fantastic con, BTW!) I totally forgot to add all the pieces I made for it to the site! ^^; Here they finally are, as well as a couple of non-filthy pieces unrelated to delicious homo.

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Gallery Updates 2014-02-13

tags: room 801, sketches, one stone, yaoi, yuri

Toda- this we- this month's update brings character sketches for Talen's new serial, One Stone, as well as some cute shounen-ai and shoujo-ai pieces for Room 801. Also, should you happen to be on Carousal, a variety of adventures in smut for the same purpose. It's all sketch work at this stage, though I optimistically hope to get most of them finished in time for the convention.

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Find me at Room 801!

tags: conventions

So I realised I never sort announced that I was going to be attending Room 801, an Australian yaoi and yuri convention in its inaugural year, on February 22 & 23 this year. It's looking like an excellent destination if you have any interest in anime queerdom - and more importantly, the fact that the whole event is adults-only means I can really cut loose with my normally-restricted hentai folder :D

I'm not sure how much I can get done, but I'm aiming to have unique and shameless artwork on prints, portfolios, badges, and whatever else I can afford. Some fan art and tons of original, with more sexy genderbending and role-reversal than you can shake a stick at. Whether your flavour is yaoi or yuri, I'll have everything from fluff to hardcore (and I mean hard). Nothing tickles your fancy? Commission something over the weekend! Just look for the girls with the sweetest abs (or the boys with the prettiest panties!).

Galery Updates 2013-12-17

tags: colour, CG, seasonal, beautiful girl hair

Just a solitary update for Christmas. I've been working on some Christmas commissions too, but they're mostly private and/or in-jokey, so it's possible I won't post them here (for a rare change). We'll see!

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Upgrade Complete

tags: meta, site upgrades, accessibility, conventions, the gay

I doubt anyone has been watching me particularly closely over here, but the last couple of weeks have seen a major layout visual upgrade to both the "She Bites" and "Carousal" faces of the site. It doesn't look a hell of a lot different from how it always did on a desktop computer, but now it should be a lot more usable on narrow screens like phones.

In any case, I think I'm finally at the point where I can call this finished. Course there will definitely be some quirks, and it may be downright weird on huge screens - I don't have a great way to test aside from zooming my browser out >3>;). So please, if you notice something that breaks the site at some size or other, drop me a line.

In other news, you should be seeing some new sketches around here soon, mostly along the lines of gaaaaay, because I just found out about Room 801, an Australian yaoi and yuri con in Sydney. Not sure whether I'll be trading both days or only one (money urrrgh) but either way it's as good a reason as any to get my gay on again. I did want to fix my lack of SMASH lesbians, after all...

Welcome to the newest and least awful incarnation of the House That Fox Built. If you care to peruse what is essentially the life's work of a twenty-something, manga-munching, skeptical Aussie geek chick with a design fetish and a penchant for pretty boys, you're in the right place. Otherwise, I have some bad news for you.

As a presumably innocent bystander, you are entitled to one (1) warning that while the pages herein are mostly just about drawing stuff and playing videogames, they may also contain strong language, delighted appreciation of same-gender relationships, and a firm lack of appreciation for religion and other fairytales. If that last part offended you enough that you considered leaving, you should probably go with that. Otherwise, come on in - the future looks bright.

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